TP-Link Wireless N Router with Antennas

TP-Link Wireless N Router with Antennas

TP-Link Wireless N Router with Antennas


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    Reliable and affordable no-frills wireless router!, October 17, 2010
    I was looking for a basic but reliable wireless router so I could use my netbook around my condo, as well as hardwire my desktop PC and X360 to the internet. However I found that researching wireless routers is a nightmare, as for every person who lauds a particular model, there will be someone else who condemns it. This problem is especially prevalent among entry level models. Initially I was only considering LinkSys and DLink, since they are the two most famous consumer brands, but I couldn't find a basic model from either that was consistently rated well. There always seemed to be a small but significant proportion of users that would complain about dropped signals, running hot, firmware issues, etc. By chance though I saw this model reviewed on CNET [..]and immediately bought it from a local PC store. In addition to the good performance, long range, and ease of use as tested by CNET, this router was extremely affordable, which sealed the deal for me. After using this router for.

    Excellent device and DDWRT friendly router, April 25, 2011
    Carlos M Lopez
    I was in search of economic router to extend the reach of my wireless network. So I bought the router TpLink wr740n version 2 (the one with the UFO shape) which conforms with this premise, however I did not expect anything special from this wireless router, if it was capable of maintaining a speed of 54Mbps I'd be satisfied.

    So being a low-cost device and with the purpose of conducting a performance test, I decided to change the stock firmware with DDWRT firmware and that was an excellent decision, the device provides a super stable signal, wireless speed of 65Mbps at mixed mode BGN, it could reach the 150Mbps at N mode but I have to bear with my old wifi devices, good power (the router wr740n comes with a 5dBi antenna), the wan port (blue) is now an additional switch port, I bought it a month ago and I have not had to reboot it.

    Summarizing, this router, as second AP, is just what I needed plus all the improvements and tweaks the DDWRT firmware provides, it was.

    HUGE Speed Boost, October 27, 2011
    Big Phil
    I've had a pretty standard WRT54G for a long time, running normal firmware, Tomato, DD-WRT, etc., and I finally got fed up that despite having 40 MBps through the door, I was only getting ~15 MBPs on my wireless devices.

    As I mentioned above, I'm very familiar with custom firmware and involved setups (Port Triggering, Forwarding, MAC Filtering, etc) and so I expected to jump right to the Admin Console. I gave their silly little mini-CD a shot and it was set up in (literally) 30 seconds. Sure, I could've done it, but I was impressed that a setup CD actually worked once. I went into Admin Console anyway to make sure things were setup correctly, and added some Trigerring for Xbox Live, but it was a breeze.

    My last speed tests with the WRT (down speeds only):

    After plugging this thing in:

    More than doubled. I'll take it. Solid 5 stars.

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